Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rates, Baecelos and now Ponta De Lima

Left rates yesterday morning in a not particulary great frame of mind as I was kept awake by cars driving past and mosquitos the size of helicoptors bombarding me all night. Others had similar experience.
Walked with a Spanish couple today, Marcus and Sonia. They had started their Camino in Lisbon and were walking up to 50km per day. Crazy! We got to Barcelos around lunch time (16.4kms) where a festival was being held. Lots of people and noise so I decided to walk with them to Ponta
De Lima another 33km down the road. I walked with them for a couple of miles and had to turn round and go back to Barcelos as the heat was just to much. I,m pleased I did as I checkeed into a nice hotel and a relaxing afternoon looking around the town.
This morning I left about 7am and had a long hot yet enjoyable day to Ponta De Lima, an historic villiage on the banks of the Rio Cavado. Spoilt myself to a nice hotel room overlooking the river as I felt that I deserved it. It includes breakfast and they gave me a discount for doing the walk.
I have seen about 10 others today, walking. Getting slightly busier although it is a saturday and people may be section walking on weekends.
Tommorrow is a short day only 17.1kms to Sao Roque where it will be all Alburgae accommodation to Santiago De Compostala. I may even be able to have a bit of a lie in, in the morning. Chau.

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