Thursday, August 21, 2008

Porto to Rates

Caught the Mtero from Porto this morning to Forum Maia, a suburb on ther outskirts of the city. After a short walk I found my first yellow arrow near the local church and began walking towards Rates 27kms away. By lunch time it was beginning to become quite warm so stopped for a rest in a nice shady park in Vilaranho, a small town located at some cross roads.
The afternoon just seemed to get hotter and hotter and a lot of the way was on a road that although didnt have much traffic it was extremly narrow in places with cars and trucks wizzing by.
Arrived in Rates ariund 3pm at the Alburgae. An Alburgae is like a hostel for pilgrims and vary in comfort. This one has all the mod cons, kitchen, showers etc. At present there are 4 others who arrived today who are all from Spain. I left them comparing their blisters with one another. One will not be walking for quite some time as his feet, to put it mildly are knackered. All bruised and blistered. Good foot wear and practice walks in preparation was the lesson learnt to day.
Short day tommorrow, only 16km to Barcelos. Chau for now.

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