Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ponta Da Lima to Rubias to Tui to Redondela.

I am now in Spain. I crossed the border yesterday between Valenca and Tui. The last few places that I have stopped in havnt had internet cafes so apologies for the delay.
From Ponta Da Lima to Rubias was a great walk with lots of natural tracks, good tracks and lots of water fonts to stick my head under and wash away the sweat. And sweating I was as its been at least 40 degrees over the last few days. Rubias to Tui was a nice walk as well and I walked most of it with 2 german guys which made a nice change as they were both fluent in english and was able to have a good chat about all sorts of different topics.
Todays walk (31km) has by far been the worst with about 5km of an industrial area through Porrino and then walking along a busy road with a big hill to top things off.
The alburgaes have been good. Modern, new and clean although they are filling up to capacity each evening as people stagger in seeking shelter.
The last few mornings I have been getting upabout 6.30am, having a wash and making myself a quick cup of instant coffee to wake myself up and setting off walking by 7.30am.
Tomorrow will be the same as even though its a shorter distance 20km, I want to get there before it gets to hot.
Tommorrows destination is Pontevedra.

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