Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am now back in the UK visiting friends and family before flying back to New Zealand. After Santiago I went caught the bus to Finisterra which is a small fishing villiage on the western most point of Spain and in many pilgrims opinion the real finishing point of their camino. I would have to agree as there are very few tourists that visit this quiet corner of the earth and is an ideal place to hang out for a few days R&R.
The night before I left Santiago I caught up with a few people that I had walked cretain sections with and now have become friends. Matius, Florian, Verena and I had a nice meal in one of the restaurants near the Cathedral before having a few drinks in a nearby bar. Somebody suggested a round of Licor Cafe which is a potent homebrew similar to Tia Maria however it is a lot stronger. One round turned into several and the rest of the evening is just a blur although I do remember a lot of laughs and fun. Thanks guys and hope to see you all again one day.
Over the next few weeks I will be posting information about what to take, the alburgaes, daily costs etc and a rough break down on trail information so stay tuned.