Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 Days From Santiago De Compostala

The time seems to flown over the last few days. I have been getting into a routine of waking each morning around 6.30am, having a quick wash and a coffee and out the door around 7pm. Its still dark around this time but having sussed out where the trail go"s the day before and walking part of it I manage to head in the right direction. From there I walk about an hour or so or until the first open cafe where I have a coffee and something to eat. Normally a pastry type thing which keeps me going to my destination where I arrive around 1 - 2pm. I check into the Alburgae, claim my bed by unrolling my sleeping bag on it and have a shower. I then wash any clothes that need washing, socks etc, then its siesta time for a cople of hours. In the late afternoon I then hunt out a good place for dinner. Menu Del Dia which roughly translated is the menu of the day or whatever the chef has decided to prepare. It includes bread, beer or wine, salad, meat such as chicken, beef or pork, chips or rice and somtimes if your lucky dessert such as icecream. The price of this has varied along the way ranging from 5euros in Potugal to 9 here in Spain. When the accommodation only costs 3 euros per night, speding 9 euros on a big meal is no big deal.
Tonight I am in another hotel as the alburgae was 4km out of town and only has 24 beds so I thought I might get a decent nights sleep and be refreshed for the walk into Santiago De Compostala in 2 days time.
The alburgae tomorrow night is much larger so will be room for all hopefully...
Will let you know.

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